Unlock your full potential



When people are standing in their full power they are able to convert the game from win lose to growth and contribution.


By creating an empowered community, we fuel the change from the finite to the infinite game.


We unlock the full potential of people and teams in companies via (empowerment) training, development courses and consultancy. 20% of our overhead revenue is reserved to fuel the same change, for free, with minority via our Vision X camp program.


Taking care of yourself has never been more important and more confusing.


People have been firewalking for thousands of years in many different cultures and for many different reasons.


Our behaviour has a major impact on how we work and feel. our perception influences our reality and our way of communicating.


To lay down the foundational building blocks, we must off course already be the role model ourselves and do this together. In all of human history, great paradigm changes came from the collective power of a group of people joining a common cause.

"With our tools, we empower our community to unlock the full potential of people, to fuel the change they want to see in the world!"

Game Changers Academy

We need more people that change the world into a better place. The sooner, the better. This is why we created the gamechanger Academy. To Share knowledge, experience and wisdom of decades in days, to give young people a head start in life. To discover their talent, to find the passion to develop them and the entrepreneurial skills to turn their dreams into reality. In camps, keynotes, incubators, accelerators, trainings and coachings you get access to masterclasses and mentors that will help you to unlock your potential and become a gamechanger