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With our tools, we empower our community to unlock the full potential of people, to fuel the change they want to see in the world!


Creating a GameChanging impactful working environment for the future generation to work in their full potential.


Katrijn Tack 🇧🇪

When I was 20 years old, I got the honor to participate in a 'GameChangers' training and develop my own vision and mission of becoming an empowerment trainer myself. Since then, every step I take, every decision I make, is aligned with this clear goal, to share this universal knowledge and experiences with the younger generation in order to develop their clear vision and mission. It should not depend on luck to find this, but it should be a 'human right' to get this knowledge and experiences. 

Hubert Ummels 🇳🇱

Having energized and empowered employees in your organization must be the utmost important focus point in this exciting era we live in. Well-being and happiness in live are more then ever focus for the current generation stepping in to our world. Facilitating a community to help organizations in this change is what makes me thrive! Be the change you want to see in the world!

Baukje de Nekker 🇳🇱

Baukje ten Herkel-de Nekker is a life coach, trainer, key-note speaker and writer. Based on her motto "the most beautiful thing you can become is yourself", she brings people in touch with their essence in a loving way. She lets people feel what there is to feel and teaches them to trust themselves in order to take action and experience more joy of life. For those who dare to be completely themselves are free and gain wings.

Pascal Strauss 🇩🇪

I hear the call for people with courage rooted in honesty with the intention to impact the next 7 generations in a positive way.

Dylan Woudt 🇳🇱

Transformation is always there. Whether you like it or not. Just remember you can adjust to it

Alexandre Gamberoni 🇨🇭

I am in the Gamechangers community because I believe that together we can light up the
fire within anyone we are going to touch. Either through a nice chat, or in overcoming
obstacles or even more, in helping to create something new that will help fostering this
tomorrow that everyone deserves.

Ruedi Bachmann 🇪🇸

Management Consultant for Quality improvement and Operational Excellence. Specializes in managing and developing operations to optimize profitability through the implementation of cost-effective strategies and processes. Experienced in facilitating trainings and development of staff at all levels and to create a positive climate in which individuals can increase awareness of their own strengths. An effective communicator with an important level of multi-cultural awareness. After 20 years working in different Management positions in various countries for a food processing company, I coached hundreds of process improvements projects and guided and supported medium and large organizations through change.

Julian Staar 🇩🇪

I am a gamechanger because I live, show and share hospitality with everyone I meet.
I am focused on sustainably implement the teachings, out of the various trainings we bring to the world, within the daily (work-)life.

César Mulet 🇪🇸

 An egg can break in two ways, either it breaks from an outside force and the life within ends or the egg breaks from within after giving it warmth and love, this way life begins. Empowering people is making them break their ‘comfort zone’ egg from within, so life can really begin. Be you to be free, break the egg and dance to this beautiful life!

Jan-Henk Bouman 🇳🇱

There is a need for Gamechangers and I will contribute to this community because we are facing a major challenge in our society. Different systems are creaking. Technological changes are happening faster than we can imagine. The new generation needs a different kind of education. We need to bring the power of the heart to the table besides training the cognitive mind. Then we will reveal our qualities and we can share our full potential with the world. Then we will give meaning to our own lives and those of others. Then we stand side by side and build a resilient society and a beautiful world to live in for all sentient and non-sentient beings. That's why I want to contribute my time and talents to the GameChangers Community.

Thijs Merks 🇳🇱

 Thijs Merks is a very experienced interim manager, coach and entrepreneur. He is eager to share his experience and enjoys developing and growing people. Thijs  is convinced that people make the difference, now and in the future. He can help you to grow yourself or your team and therefore be more balanced and successful

Jenny Ost 🇧🇪
Create your Lifedesign
Daniëlle Hellebrand 🇩🇪

I am a coach, keynote-speaker, columnist and podcast-host. I translate the latest findings of neuroscience into understandable and practical tools. It will give you the strength you need. As a kind of ‘Life Design’ for your private life and for your organization. Because we’re not human resources. We are resourceful humans. We are social animals who want to be seen and heard. Soft skills are anything but soft. They are fundamental to how people live and work. They’re people skills, they’re power skills. It’s neurobiology. What I’ve learned as I’ve gotten older is how much we can gather steam as we gather years. We can (re)build our lives and dreams at any age.
As a GameChanger I want to be sunshine for your soul and medicine for your mind. ‘Each one teach one’: we’ll figure things out together. To find the way back home.
‘After all, you’re just another me and I’m just another you’ - Rumi

Adrien Plavsic 🇨🇭 🇨🇦

 We all have untapped potential within us. To tap into that potential , we must expand from within. The more we raise our energy and open ourselves to life , the more we can access the fullness and possibilities of life. How to make this experience of life the most pleasant for myself and others is what motivates me and pushes me forward to discover what is truly possible for each and every one of us. 

Valérie Pickery 🇧🇪

Mistakes are an inevitable part of life and in a world full of naysayers, it’s easy to become discouraged. Focus on learning how to get up, dust off, and try again. That's the reason why I am a Gamechanger. 

Beverley Wilson-Wünsch 🇩🇪 🇯🇲

In the end, the location of the new economy is not in technology, not the microchip of the global communication networks as previously thought…..It is in the HUMAN MIND, in their knowledge, in their expertise (Webber, 1993)   I conclude that:  Hospitality practice and education must  come together in a deeper CONNECT, in order for true expertise to be achieved 

Ester Overmars 🇳🇱

The most valuable thing we have to do is to (re)find the love in ourselves. To do this, we must return to our essence, to our power. As a trainer at GameChangers, I want to help people believe in themselves, rediscover their power so that they will contribute from love.

"With our tools, we empower our community to unlock the full potential of people, to fuel the change they want to see in the world!"