GameChangers Health & Resilience program

Breathwork, Sleep, Nutrition, & Cold

would you want to incorporate these four aspects of life into your business? The answer is quite simple: these elements are the cornerstone of a healthy life, both mind and body. And when people are empowered and in tune with themselves, they’ll take better care of themselves, each other, and the places they go and people they meet. This means that structurally investing in the physical and mental wellbeing of employees will automatically improve the wellbeing of the company they choose to work for.

Below you’ll find a short overview of the most important reasons why Breathwork, Sleep, Nutrition, and Cold are so powerful. In essence they all improve a persons
resilience and balance. We all meet stress in our daily lives, dealing with these stressors in a more effective and sustainable way will hugely improve a person’s
overall health and being which will enable them to be the ‘eye in the storm’ of their
own lives.



  • improved resilience
  • improved sleep
  • improved immune system


  • improved focus
  • improved mental clarity
  • decreased mental stress
  • decrease in number of limiting believes


  • improved self awareness
  • improved life energy


  • improved overall brain functioning
  • improved sleep-wake homeostasis
  • improved hormonal balance
  • improved alertness
  • improved memory functioning
  • improved creativity


  • improved physical health
  • improved mental health
  • improved sleep
  • improved mood
  • improved cardiovascular function


  • improved mental clarity
  • improved immune system functioning
  • improved energy levels
  • improved stress resilience
  • improved cardiovascular functioning

GameChangers can provide integrated programs for you and your staff. Starting with the basics of all elements and progressively diving deeper into the matter to enable your staff to create a preferred level of knowledge about the topics and adapt their lifestyle accordingly in order to be a more empowered and motivated staff, with decreased levels of sick leave.


1 day Fundamentals module:

During this 1 day interactive session your local team will be provided with the basic elements the individual person within your team needs to start practicing with the beneficial elements of breathwork, sleep, nutrition, and cold.

The day will be divided into 4 modules that each will cover the basics of the elements.

At the end of this 1 day Fuundamentals every participant will be able to start implementing these elements on a day to day basis with the result of an improved mindset and attitude towards life in general.

4 day Advanced module:

During the 4 days of the Advanced module (which can be planned in 4 consecutive

days, or more spread out) your team will be provided with in depth insights and hands on practice moments of the 4 elements of the GC Health and Resilience


These advanced sessions build upon the 1 day Fundamentals and will be interactive and modular in build up. Theory, backgrounds and practical application will be provided. 

General layout of a training day will be a program program

This means that participants will not be able to rely on the standard expectations about workshops/training sessions but have to be open to whatever is coming.

At the end of this module, participants will have deepened their knowledge about breathwork, sleep, nutrition & cold to such an extend that they will be able to incorporate the knowledge into their daily lives on a deeper level and share and transfer this knowledge to other team members.

Master module:

During the Master program, your team managers (or other leaders) will be trained to instruct and train fellow employees.

This module consists of a mix of 4 online webinars with the GC community, 4 two day live meetups spread out over a period of 6 months. A yearly check up will also be part of the Master module.