Making an Impact with your Story

Making an Impact with your Story 

Present Yourself at Your Best  

Unlock your storytelling power and learn how to pursue & touch people when presenting

Representing yourself, your ideas, your business strategies becomes more important the further you progress in your career (and life). Whether it’s managers looking for fast solutions but no time to listen, your peers requiring insights into your work, customers looking for answers to specific issues or big audiences during a conference looking to be entertained..

All of these situations require you to have your story more than ready..

We help you become confident at presenting yourself and your stories during tailormade workshops for individuals and or teams. Our trainings are based on mastering 3 elements; the content (1) , your verbal (2) and non-verbal (3) communication.

We currently have 3 options available;

  1. 45 minute online basic foundation training for a minimum of 10 participants
  2. A 0.5 day personalized training for a minimum of 5 participants based on your team’s presentation requirement within business processes (annual conferences / board meetings etc.)
  3. A full day – one to one –  training based on specific (conference) meeting need which includes actual writing, practice and delivery of a real presentation. After this session additional coaching hours can always be agreed.

Interested? Please share with us your needs and we will prepare a proposal for you!